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Breastfeeding in Public Blog

Top Lightweight Baby Stroller

Top Lightweight Baby Strollers

Top Lightweight Baby Strollers

When talking about lightweight baby strollers there are certain that make the quality , and there are some that do not. Although there are still a couple of months left in the year , the best strollers of the year are noticeable .

The review below will let you know which baby travel strollers are worth your investment and which products are a waste of your time. If you are an “old pro” at parenting, help the newbies by casting your vote and leaving your advice in the comments.

Chicco C6 Stroller

As a very compact stroller, this one is pretty good. Let me start by saying I got this stroller because we were looking for a cheap stroller to take overseas and I saw this one had so many great reviews. I see why! We have a $300 something dollar Maclaren and (don’t tell my husband) but I think I like this one better! It is super light, easy to fold, pushes like a dream and the baby is so comfortable in it.

It has a very small basket underneath that can store some smile items, but because of the cross back support, you can’t put a bag of any size under there, but it’s good for small purchases. Also, while it does recline, it’s not much, but more than you would see on other umbrella strollers.

Another plus is that it is significantly wider than the Jeep umbrella stroller and the other low price ones.


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