Breastfeeding in Public Blog

Breastfeeding in Public Blog

Breastfeeding and Vitamin D Supplements

Vitamin Line-Up

Vitamin Line-Up (Photo credit: Earthworm)

This article will discuss the connection between breastfeeding and vitamin D supplements intake during breastfeeding period. How do supplements of vitamin D affect breast milk? Is it recommended that breastfeeding mothers take vitamin D supplements?

In fact there is very low amount of vitamin D in breast milk. This is the very reason why some doctors recommend that breastfed babies get supplements of vitamin D. Vitamin D deficiency in babies can cause serious problems. Therefore, mothers must make sure that their babies get sufficient amounts of vitamin D.

Pregnant women are often advised to take supplements of vitamin D in order to prevent vitamin D deficiency during pregnancy. Vitamin D deficiency symptoms in pregnant women can lead to serious problems and can cause rickets and bone deformities. Of course, the dose must be prescribed by your doctor and you must never change your dose without your doctor’s instructions. This is important, since you can overdose with vitamin D and experience vitamin D toxicity.

Vitamin D Levels in Breast Milk

Vitamin D levels in breast milk can vary. If a mother has enough vitamin D in her own body, then the breast milk will also have sufficient amounts of vitamin D. However, if a mother doesn’t have enough vitamin D, her breast milk will not provide adequate amounts for the baby. In such cases, vitamin D supplements are recommended. Many women are confused about whether they should consume vitamin D supplements or they should give the supplements to the baby. This is something that your doctor has to tell you. Never give your baby any supplements without your doctor’s instructions. Your baby can easy get overdosed with vitamin D (especially if you use liquid vitamin D supplements).

We can conclude that vitamin D supplements are sometimes necessary, not only during your pregnancy, but during the breastfeeding period as well. Your doctor will give you the best advice.


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