Breastfeeding in Public Blog

Breastfeeding in Public Blog

Medela Breast Pump

Medela Symphony electric breast pump

Medela Symphony electric breast pump (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Medela Harmony breast pump is the single manual pump. Being manual, the vacuum level is controlled by the user. The handle of this Medela breast pump is adjustable according to the comfort of the user. The pump can be operated from two locations; one is to stimulate the breast milk to achieve let-down while the other is to maximize the milk flow once the let-down is achieved. This manual pump is upgradeable to the electric Medela Symphony breast pump. Three additional parts are required for the upgrade namely, membrane cap, membrane and Medela tubing which can be purchased separately. The Medela Symphony breast pump, which basically consists of the motor unit, container stand and instruction manual, can be rented from Medela.

The single electric Medela breast pump model is the Swing breast pump. This model is great for mobility due to its small size and lightweight. It has a button for milk stimulation and another one to shift to expression phase. Two more buttons are to increase or decrease the vacuum strength. Mothers are advised to tune to the maximum comfort vacuum during expression phase as it has been shown in the research that pumping efficiency is the best at the maximum comfort vacuum. Maximum comfort vacuum is defined as the highest vacuum suction without feeling any discomfort or pain. The maximum comfort vacuum level varies from one mother to another.

Pump In Style Advanced Breast Pump is the double electric Medela breast pump. The number of parts is certainly more than the manual and single electric. However, Medela does provide 3 types of bags to choose from during purchase, i.e. tote, backpack and metro bag. The bags are designed to fit all the parts and therefore making this model more convenient to carry around. The pump will start in the simulation phase and user is advised to adjust the cycling speed that is most comfortable. The pump will automatically switch to expression phase after 2 minutes. A let-down button is available for manual switching from stimulation to expression phase or vice versa. Similar to the Swing breast pump, set the cycling speed to maximum comfort vacuum during expression phase for the best pumping efficiency.

Every breast pump comes with complete instructions on how to use Medela breast pump. It is always advisable to read the instructions prior to use. Any pump that is incorrectly assembled will not function efficiently and effectively. The instruction manual also include on the storage guide for freshly expressed breast milk and the thawing of the milk. Cleanliness and hygiene is important in the process of milk expression. Hands and breast pump parts should be kept clean prior to and after use. Therefore, user should know which parts are washable and which are not.


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