Breastfeeding in Public Blog

Breastfeeding in Public Blog

How to Lose Weight After Pregnancy?

When a person gives life to a new human being, it is especially important they take care of themselves. Restoring that flat stomach is not so easy, and many women make common errors that keep them from achieving their desired loss of weight after pregnancy.

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What are the Best Breast Milk Storage Bags?

The simplest way to store expressed breast milk is through specialized bags. The best breast milk storage bags have several features that make them easy to use and reliable…

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What Supplements Work to Increase Breast Milk Production?

Breastfeeding your baby is the best way to ensure he gets all the nutrition, vitamins and calories needed. If you are not sure if you are producing enough breast milk, consider taking a supplement like Fenugreek seeds.

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Which Foods Can Increase Your Milk Supply?

Some new moms can eat whatever they want while breastfeeding without any apparent side effects. However, other moms report their babies are fussy when they eat foods with strong flavors.

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Postpartum Depression

The postpartum period is generally a joyful time for mothers. While there can be difficulties and stressors as they adapt to changes in their bodies while caring for a newborn, most women have a positive and happy experience.

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What are the Benefits of Breastfeeding vs Formula?

Every mother wants to do what’s best for her baby, so mothers often wonder if breastfeeding is really better than formula. There are actually several benefits of breastfeeding vs formula, both for the child and the mother.

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Breastfeeding a Newborn

So you have made the decision to breastfeed you baby, now what? Well you need to learn the proper ways to hold your baby while you are feeding. The important part is to make it comfortable for you and your child. We will cover the proper way to hold baby and to make sure he/she can properly latch on and get plenty of milk.

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